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Miriam Lord Day – October 2018

Miriam Lord was one of the many activists in the early 1900s who passionately sought to improve the lives of children in deprived areas. It was deemed important that the children who attend Lilycroft have a knowledge of their heritage and develop strategies in which they are also able to improve their local community. The children took part in a series of workshops at the Cartwright Hall Art gallery as well as within school. Here are some images of the fantastic work carried out by the pupils AND staff at our school!


Year 2 and Year 6 visited Sherrington and Lister Residential home. They read stories with the elderly and presented them with gifts.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 and 4


Year 5 and 6

Here are some more images of our fantastic presentation day which was held at Manningham Mills!


David Hockney Day

All of the children went on a trip to Cartwright Hall to visit the David Hockney Exhibition and did a lot of follow up art work in class.

As an opportunity to share their art work, we held a David Hockney Open Day.

Have a look at some of the pictures from the day below.












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