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Parents Reviews

Questionnaire for Parents and Carers                                           Oct 2015

    Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
1 My child is happy at this school. 62% 38% 0% 0%
2 My child feels safe at this school. 60% 40% 0% 0%
3 My child makes good progress at this school. 49% 49% 1% 0%
4 My child is well looked after at this school. 51% 47% 2% 0%
5 My child is taught well at this school. 58% 42% 0% 1%
6 My child receives appropriate homework for their age 52% 45% 2% 0%
7 This school ensures the pupils are well behaved. 39% 57% 4% 1%
8 This school deals effectively with bullying 39% 55% 5% 1%
9 This school is well led and managed 51% 48% 1% 0%
10 This school responds well to any concerns I raise 44% 53% 2% 1%
11 I receive valuable information from the school about my Child’s  progress 51% 48% 1% 1%
12 I would recommend this school to another parent 54% 43% 2% 1%

Questionnaire comments  

  • “Lilycroft supports parents in every way. They have homework meetings for parents to understand the task sent home so that parents know what this is about. The school organised family learning. Children and parents worked together. I am a mum from Pakistan and didn’t know other cultural celebration e.g. Easter and family learning taught me all of this and I could help and explain to my kid’s information about Easter, Christmas, Bonfire Night and Halloween. Mrs Alam is an asset to this school. Mrs Alam helps me in any way like filling forms in and generally asking about anything. She is kind and respects you. Every week Mrs Alam has a faith assembly about Islam when our children come from school I ask who taught you this they said Mrs Alam. She helps and puts all effort to support her children in every way. Mrs Alam has love for children the way a parent does. We would like to thank Mrs Alam for her support. Mrs Roth is very good and excellent headteacher. I have no problems with the school its excellent thank you.”
  • “The teachers and teaching way is very good at this school and I am confident we made the best choice for my child.”
  • “The school is very supportive! Thank you”
  • “I am grateful for the opportunity today to discuss about my sons school. The headteacher as well as the staff are very good and teach our children with great affection. My son’s teacher Miss Khaliq teaches my son in a loving way and my son loves to come to school. The standard of teaching is very high. My son is also taught good moral ethics and I am proud to tell people that he goes to Lilycroft Primary School, whenever we are asked by others who enquire about which school Hashim goes to, as they are impressed by his manners. Mother’s also benefit hugely by school run programmes. Every Tuesday I attend my sons Homework Meeting Together with other mums. Mrs Alam plays a big role in the meetings as she explains in simple language about any of the issues involved. School also runs many other courses and classes for mothers including English Family Learning, sewing etc. I would like to thank the Head Teacher and all the staff who are working so hard and providing good Education to our children. Especially Mrs Alam who provides us with all the relevant information.
  • “Very good school in my opinion, I’ve never had to raise any concerns about my children. The teachers know all the students so it feels like one big family, my children look forward to school each day. I especially admire the headteacher, she holds a very good relationship with parents and students.
  • “My daughter is very happy in school. Homework meetings are very good. I learn a lot from them. So many activities for parents and I never heard any other school do these activities for parents. I will definitely recommend this school to other parents. I admire all the teachers, Mrs Alam, Mrs Hollindrake and especially the Headteacher.”
  • “I am always able to speak with the teachers if I have a concern and any problems and queries are dealt with.”
  • “Happy overall with the schools performance especially the heads role who arranges the mother classes and faith assemblies. Headteacher is also approachable for any reason, any time of the school day. Mrs Alam is also another plausible in the running of the school. She is a cohesion between the parents and teachers at Lilycroft Primary. Also, very approachable. It would be injustice to not mention the rest of the working staff at Lilycroft Primary. Their role in the running of the school is equally plausible. Overall, well done Lilycroft Primary.”
  • “I love Homework Meetings. Please do something for year 5 as well. All the activities for Mothers are fantastic. This is the only school who looks after parents and does things for us. School is well led by the Headteacher.”
  • “My child is very happy at this school and I would recommend this school to family and friends. There are so many mothers clubs and lots of activites. The mothers clubs are really good. We have knitting clubs and good relationship with teachers – Mrs Alam and Headteacher.”
  • “My children are very happy in this school. The class teacher is good during the morning meetings. Children are getting enough support. Class 3, 4, 5 and 6 should hold meetings. Mrs Alam is very good, without her school looks empty. Please don’t let her leave the school. Thankyou”
  • “Child has had a few incidents where other children have hit her. Some children doing it repeatedly. I did raise this with the school. It seems to have stopped now.”
  • “School has parents homework meetings which is very beneficial and school also encourage parents to come to different classes.”
  • “This school is very good for education. There are lots of other classes for adults which is very good and helpful. We are happy with this school.”

“This school keeps my child and me happy. Mariya says that she is in the suitable maths class. Mariya likes her teachers and my mum likes Mrs Alam because she listens to her all the time and she likes the classes for mothers only.”

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Lilycroft Primary, Lilycroft Road, Manningham, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD9 5AD · Headteacher: Nicola Roth

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