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Boy 87

Year 6 Transition Project in Bradford

At Lilycroft, we have decided to take part in the transition project with lots of other primary and secondary schools across Bradford. Each school will read and complete activities based on the novel Boy 87.  



This means that when the children start secondary school they will have something in common with their classmates and they can confidently contribute towards class discussions during lessons.
Year 6, we have both read the book and thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Shif’s journey. We hope you enjoy it too and can’t wait to hear your reviews! Miss Akhtar and Mrs Mohammed.
Here is a knowledge organiser that gives you more information about the book:

Download (PPTX, 341KB)

A note from Ele, the author of the book:

Download (DOCX, 192KB)

Here is a copy of the timetable which contains a break down of the chapters and activities that should be completed:

Download (DOCX, 16KB)

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