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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


This half term we are learning how to write a story.

We have been looking at the story Dear Zoo.

Take a look at the story and our story map.

Remember to use actions and clap for full stops. Say “ping” for the question mark.



Dear Zoo

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Ben. Ben wanted a pet so he wrote a letter.

“Dear Zoo. Please can you send me a pet? Love Ben.”

On Monday the zoo sent him an elephant. It was too big and Ben sent it back.

On Tuesday the zoo sent him a giraffe. It was too tall and Ben sent it back.

On Wednesday the zoo sent him a lion. It was too fierce and Ben sent it back.

On Thursday the zoo sent him a snake. It was too scary and Ben sent it back.

On Friday the zoo sent him a monkey. It was too naughty and Ben sent it back.

On Saturday the zoo sent him a frog. It was too jumpy and Ben sent it back.

On Sunday the zoo sent him a puppy and it was perfect so Ben kept him.

The End.



In Maths we have been working on our first Mental Maths Target – to read and write numbers to 20.

Practise reading the numbers at home and write them down. Make sure you write your numbers the right way.




We are working on Phase 5 sounds in Year One. Can you name all the sounds on the sound mat?


Our Enquiry this term is about pets. Do you have a pet at home? Do you know someone who has a pet? Find out about pets at home and bring the information to class to share during Show Time. 


Other information 

The teachers in Year One would really appreciate donations of junk modelling so the children can continue to make fantastic models. Please bring in the following:

Cereal boxes

Egg cartons

Yogurt pots (washed)

Bottle tops

Kitchen roll tubes

We are unable to accept toilet roll tubes.

Thank you!

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